Our coating operations provide efficient scale-up from concept to production. Our coating facilities are located in White City, Oregon and Windsor, Colorado.

Web Handling and Conveyance

  • Expertise in reliable web conveyance over long distances at high speeds
  • Proficient in pre-conditioning of webs to eliminate static and promote adhesion


  • Extensive oven sections deliver a full range of drying conditions
  • Process control verification of drying equipment systems can handle the stringent demands of complex media

Solution Delivery

  • Robust design of solution delivery systems minimizes liquid and coated waste
  • Design expertise in solution delivery systems can apress filtration, mixing, or de-aeration challenges of your product system
  • Controlled delivery of solutions ensure coating quality

Coating Technologies

  • Multi layer coating
  • Online scanning capabilities to scan media from transparent to fully opaque, both in reflection and transmission
  • Corona Discharge treatment (CDT) and contact web cleaning available
  • Single or tandem coating with web flip for multiple possible combinations