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Carestream Contract Manufacturing to Showcase Custom Coating Services at Display Week May 9, 2017

Carestream will feature its high-precision coating services for a wide range of optical and display films at Display Week. Customers can utilize Carestream’s engineers and existing lab, pilot and production coaters for rapid prototyping and efficient scale-up to high-volume, low-cost, roll-to-roll manufacturing of precision-coated constructions.

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Carestream Contract Manufacturing to Highlight Precision Coating Services at ICE USA April 11, 2017

Carestream will feature its precision coating services for scaling up solution-coated products at ICE USA. By utilizing Carestream’s engineers and existing lab, pilot and production coaters, customers can reduce upfront equipment investment costs, accelerate product development timeline and increase probability of success. Coating assets enable the creation of precision-coated layers with options for two-sided coating, radiation cure, on-line inspection and lamination in the same pass. Pilot facilities allow customers to optimize product/process interactions and overcome challenges for efficient product development and scale-up.

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Carestream Contract Manufacturing to Exhibit at International Battery Seminar and Exhibit March 6, 2017

Carestream will highlight its contract coating services for the battery, fuel cell and capacitor markets at the 34th Annual International Battery Seminar and Exhibit. Carestream helps customers develop, commercially scale up and manufacture battery components such as anodes, cathodes and separators at minimal cost and reduced time-to-market. Key capabilities include multi-layer coating on both sides of the web, tight thickness control, precision coating on foils and casting advanced membrane materials.

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