• Optical and photographic quality films
  • Extensive experience in extrusion, stretching, coating and conveyance technologies
  • In-house equipment and process design expertise

Extrusion and Stretching

  • High capacity extrusion system
  • Dual stage resin filtration (tailored to meet customer demands)
  • Stretching capabilities for varying MD and TD orientations
  • Rib drafter for elimination of surface imperfections

Coating and Drying

  • In-line aqueous coating, up to 2 coatings per side
  • Automated delivery of solutions to ensure coating quality
  • Precision bead coating capabilities
  • Pre and post coating contact web cleaning
  • Extensive oven sections deliver a full range of drying conditions
  • Extensive oven shrinkage and adhesion control capabilities

Web Handling and Conveyance

  • Web static control
  • Tension and traction control
  • 99.9% HEPA filtration on all air systems
  • In-house slitting, packaging and shipment facilities

Quality Testing

  • Automatic cross web thickness control (< 3.8 microns variability)
  • In-line optical density measurement and control
  • 100% inspection using in-line laser scanning, capabilities to scan transparent to nearly opaque films
  • On demand in-line polar charge scanning
  • Full laboratory analytical capabilities on site including microscopy, color, thickness, coating uniformity, DSC, resistivity, density, haze, oven shrinkage
  • Product rewinding and offline inspection capabilities