Pilot Coating & Development

Carestream Contract Manufacturing’s precision coating expertise and unique capabilities help customers enhance product offerings. Our pilot facilities enable customers to quickly adjust formulation and coating conditions for low-cost, small-run and experimental contract manufacturing projects.

Pilot Coater 1

  • Single layer coating with three stations per pass with front and backside configurations
  • Solvent and aqueous coating including chlorinated solvents
  • Slot/extrusion coating
  • 8 to 25 fpm
  • Corona Discharge Treatment (CDT) available
  • 2″ to 17.5″ coating width on 2.5 to 14 mil substrates

Pilot Coater 2

  • Gravure, mayer rod, 1-2-3 roll (forward and reverse), slot die, slide and polishing bar
  • Solvent and aqueous coating
  • CDT, UV curing, and lamination available
  • 10 to > 200 fpm
  • 4″ to 12″ coating width on 0.5 to 10 mil substrates
  • Two independent temperature controlled oven zones
  • 100% optical inspection

Lab Scale

  • Handspreads, sample coater and small scale roll to roll coater for 12″ wide substrates
  • Homogenization
  • Automated coaters
  • Reaction vessels





  • DOE, statistical analysis
  • Test method development

Full Support

  • PhD Chemists
  • Synthetic, Organic, and Analytical Chemists
  • Formulators
  • Engineers
  • Fabricators

Carestream Coating Assessment Lab

  • Rapid material and product screening
  • Small product sample coating and coating-assessment-lab2testing
  • Efficient scale-up to pilot and production coating equipment

Areas of Expertise

  • Solution formulation and characterization
  • Solution mixing and delivery
  • Substrate characterization
  • Coating methods and operating window
  • Drying and curing
  • Coated sample testing
  • Microscopy/Analytics
  • Process modeling for coating and drying


  • Rheology and viscosity
  • Static and dynamic surface tension
  • Density, solids and particle size analysis
  • Mixing and dispersion studies-high/low shear mixing, homogenization, inline mixing, etc.
  • Filtration and pump selection
  • Substrate testing-dimensional stability, mechanical testing, surface characterization, and thickness and uniformity
  • Fluid engineering for coating application
  • Assessment of viable coating methods

Faster time to market

Using the same resources to execute development and scale-up enables Carestream to deliver world-class development-to-production cycle times.

Lower investment costs

Our pilot facilities feature flexible assets for development work and a wide array of coating capabilities.


Pilot coating enables customers to conduct small-scale production runs with the ability to quickly test and implement changes—without the drawback of having to stop production.


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