Solution Preparation and Delivery

Carestream Contract Manufacturing offers a wide range of mixing and homogenizing technologies, complemented by a state-of-the-art analytical lab, for unmatched solution preparation and delivery.

Chemical Manufacturing

  • Reactor systems with premix vessels and Clean-in-Place (CIP)
  • Dewatering unit operations:
    • Filter press
    • Centrifuges
  • DI water generation
  • Waste water collection and treatment
  • Lab scale reactor, centrifuge and dryer

Solution Preparation

  • Small and large batch size capability
  • Solvent and water based chemistry
  • Variable speed agitation with multiple blade types
  • Jacketed with heating and cooling
  • Traditional and high shear mixing
  • Large range of viscosity capabilities for mixing, filtering and pumping
  • Portable pilot tanks
  • Particle dispersion
  • Bulk organic solvent storage and delivery systems


  • 38 fixed mix tanks and many portable options
  • 5-1700 gallons
  • Temperature control
  • Homogenizers rated at 8000 psi

Semi-Automated Processes

  • DCS
  • Recipe management
  • Process parameters

Solution Delivery Options

  • Customized delivery/pumping systems
  • Overhead lines direct from solution making for large batches
  • Drums or totes at the coating station for small volumes
  • Solution processing at the coating station
  • In-line mixing
  • Mass flow control
  • Filtration
  • De-bubbling

Improved product launch cycle time

Improve product launch cycle time through rapid scale-up based on strong analytical capabilities. Carestream also offers agitation and filtration knowledge for accurate production scale-up.

Lower investment costs

Leverage our technical expertise and installed asset capability to place your investments where you need them most.

Reliable production of complex coating solutions

Our analytical capabilities and coating expertise minimizes system component interactions for the reliable production of complex, multi-layer coated web products.



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