Custom Coating Optical-Grade Display Films

Carestream leverages its deep history of manufacturing high-quality medical imaging films to meet the stringent requirements for custom coating optical-grade display films.

Our rigorous production release process features 100% automated in-line optical inspection, extensive analytical testing and clean room practices to deliver high quality display products. Partners utilize our precision coating assets and product design, technology integration and manufacturing support to produce a variety of functional films, including light management, optically clear adhesives, hardcoat transparent conductive and more.

Display Coating Capabilities:

  • Precision multi-layer coating
  • Clean room to meet stringent optical and cosmetic requirements
  • 100% automated optical inspection
  • Supply chain service to Asia
  • In-line lamination
  • Long dryer/ovens
  • UV and thermal curing
  • On-site mixing of the formulation(s)
  • Low to high viscosity and filled or unfilled formulations
  • Thickness uniformity within ± 5%

Process Development Advantages:

  • Experience with multiple display applications
  • Product development and commercialization expertise
  • Established relationships with substrate and chemical suppliers

Custom Coated Display Product Expertise:

  • Optically clear adhesives
  • Hardcoat and functional films
  • Light management films
  • Transparent conductive films using AgNWs, CNTs, conductive polymers, etc.
  • Phosphor and quantum dot coatings
  • Anti-glare, anti-newton ring, anti-reflection coatings

Carestream Display Coating Resources:

Carestream Display Coating Datasheets:


For more information, contact Corinne Ladous to learn how Carestream can economically move your display products from concept to full production.

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