Paint Protection Films

Precision Coatings for Paint Protection Film Applications

Carestream works with our substrate and chemical supplier partners to develop precision multilayer coatings for a variety of paint protection film applications. Our coating methods utilize advanced materials and constructions, backed by clean room operations, on-line quality inspection methods and extensive analytical testing, to meet the stringent standards required for paint protection films. Carestream’s coating assets also feature optional tandem coating stations for high efficiency, long ovens and lamination.

Partners leverage this expertise along with our product development know-how to bring new and improved products to the paint protection market, including permanent and temporary paint protection applications.

Paint Protection Coating Capabilities:

  • Mixing
  • Water and solvent based systems
  • In-line mixing of reactive systems
  • Precision coating
  • Multiple layers
  • Long dryer/ovens
  • UV cure
  • Lamination
  • Clean room

Process Development Advantages:

  • Experience with a wide variety of substrate and coating materials
  • Relationships with substrate/chemical suppliers

Custom Paint Protection Expertise:

  • Permanent and temporary paint protection
  • Topcoats and multiple layer constructions

Carestream Paint Protection Datasheet:









For more information, contact Brian Pahl to learn how Carestream can bring high yield and cost advantages for your paint protection products.

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