Rapid Prototyping

Carestream brings over 100 years of experience in the precision coating of flexible substrates to help customers achieve rapid prototyping across a wide range of industries. Our highly flexible coating assets, combined with our experienced technical and business teams, enable rapid material and product screening, small product sample coating and testing, and efficient scale-up to pilot and production coating equipment. We work with our partners to quickly adjust formulation and coating conditions for low-cost, small-run and experimental multilayer coating projects.

Rapid Prototyping to Production Capabilities:

  • Coating Assessment Laboratory (CAL): Our Windsor, Colorado Coating Assessment Laboratory serves as the center for prototype and process development. The CAL Sample Coater can generate precision-coated prototype samples up to six feet long using only a few grams of solution. For larger prototype quantity requirements, the CAL Development Coater provides small-scale, roll-to-roll coating for up to 12-inch wide films, foils, paper and membranes. The CAL facility contains custom mixingsolution delivery, coatingdrying and analytical equipment used for small-scale, early-stage product and process development. The lab enhances our ability to predict how a given coating solution and substrate system will behave in various manufacturing operations before scaling up to larger pilot-scale and manufacturing-scale equipment.
  • Pilot Coating: Our pilot coating operation’s new capabilities and resources deliver faster prototyping and scale-up at minimal cost to enable process development and low-volume production. Pilot coaters feature several improvements including proprietary coating techniques, enhanced drying methods and streamlined solution delivery systems. We can simultaneously use multiple coating techniques at our different locations to enhance collaboration, execute rapid prototyping and scale-up projects, and troubleshoot issues. The pilot coaters were modeled after our larger coaters, ensuring seamless transfers to full-scale manufacturability.
  • Production Coating: Our production coating assets enable mass production of commercial products at minimal cost and reduced time-to-market for customers coating advanced material solutions onto flexible substrates.

Trust Carestream to aid in your prototyping process without compromising the need for speed.

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