Security / Anti-Counterfeit

Industry experts estimate that over $200 billion of counterfeit products are sold annually. Carestream’s precision, multilayer, roll-to-roll coating technology is well suited to meet the needs of today’s security and anti-counterfeit applications. Our advanced technology can create complex structures for active holographic and printable color-shifting structures that are extremely difficult to duplicate. We work with customers throughout the product development cycle to bring security products from concept to production, quickly and cost-efficiently.

Common Process / Product Requirements:

  • On-site mixing of the formulation(s)
  • Multi-layer coating for difficult to duplicate active structures
  • Thermal or UV curing
  • Thickness uniformity of ± 1% to 5%
  • Lamination
  • 100% automated optical inspection

Custom Coated Security Product Examples:

  • Anti-counterfeit packaging
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Currency
  • Tickets

Trust Carestream to move your complex anti-counterfeit products from concept to full production economically. Contact Brian Pahl to learn more about our in-depth precision, multilayer coating and partnership expertise for the security market.

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