PET Manufacturing

Carestream’s experience with multi-layer PET films can be leveraged across a broad range of polyester film applications — from display-grade PET and optical film to proofing films, adhesives and clinical diagnostic media components. Our PET film operation provides efficient scale-up from concept to production.


  • Optical and photographic quality films
  • Extensive experience in extrusion, stretching, coating and conveyance technologies
  • In-house equipment and process design expertise
  • Dimensionally stable low-shrink heat-relaxed films

Extrusion and Stretching

  • High capacity extrusion system
  • Dual stage resin filtration (tailored to meet customer demands)
  • Stretching capabilities for varying MD and TD orientations
  • Rib drafter for elimination of surface imperfections

Coating and Drying

  • In-line aqueous coating, up to two coatings per side
  • Automated delivery of solutions to ensure coating quality
  • Precision bead coating capabilities
  • Pre- and post-coating contact web cleaning
  • Extensive oven sections deliver a full range of drying conditions
  • Extensive oven shrinkage and adhesion control capabilities

Web Handling and Conveyance

  • Web static control
  • Tension and traction control
  • 99.9% HEPA filtration on all air systems
  • In-house slitting, packaging and shipment facilities

Quality Testing

  • Automatic cross web thickness control (< 3.8 microns variability)
  • In-line optical density measurement and control
  • 100% inspection using in-line laser scanning capabilities to scan transparent to nearly opaque films
  • On-demand, in-line polar charge scanning
  • Full laboratory analytical capabilities on site including microscopy, color, thickness, coating uniformity, DSC, resistivity, density, haze and oven shrinkage
  • Product rewinding and offline inspection capabilities


  • ISO 9000 and 14001 Certified
  • FDA cGMP Compliant
  • Six Sigma Certified Black Belts and Green Belts
  • Extensive use of Statistical Process Control, process data collection and analysis
  • Rigorous Change Management control
  • Six Sigma quality levels


  • Thickness from 4-10mil (100-250 micron)
  • Slitting tolerance of +/- 0.25mm
  • Custom sizes


  • Clear to opaque films, in any color requested

Roll Size

  • Widths from 37″ to 74″ in rolls up to 60″ in diameter
  • Capable of handling varying core lengths, materials and diameters (6″ or greater)

Access to leading technology

Extensive experience in PET film technologies applied to customer applications to solve the most complex technology challenges.

Reliable production of complex PET film solutions

Analytical capabilities and PET film expertise minimizes system component interactions for the reliable production of complex, multi-layer PET filmed web products.



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