Polyurethane Film Manufacturing

For over 100 years, Carestream Health has manufactured high-quality films for the medical imaging industry. Today, Carestream capitalizes on the same precision coating technology to contract manufacture high-performance polyurethane (PU) films for exacting markets.

Read our blog, Using Polymer Solution Casting to Deliver High-Quality Films, to learn how our proven simultaneous, multilayer coating and precision film casting process can improve quality and reduce product development costs and time.

  • Highly uniform in thickness for improved downstream performance
  • Size range from very thin (0.1 mil) to more than 5 mils
  • Gel- and pinhole-free for consistent and reliable products
  • Dimensionally stable to minimize film orientation concerns
  • High optical clarity for visual applications
  • Free of anti-block and slip additives which can impact downstream processes
  • Films are delivered on poly or paper carriers designed to provide just the right peel (release) properties
  • Antimicrobial, conductive, absorbing, anti-stat, adhesive or other functional layers may be added in-line during film production to tailor the TPU to each customer application at competitive costs
  • Different finishes, colors and surfaces may also be supplied to help differentiate products in the market
  • Wound care components, medical tapes and patches
  • Surgical gowns and drapes
  • Water-resistant breathable textiles
  • High-performance adhesives
  • Acoustic membranes
  • Inflatable bladders
  • Surface protection films

Flexibility and Service

Carestream can produce several million square meters of film each year for large applications or economically produce small batches for niche applications.

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